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I’ve been using Misfit activity trackers for over 2 years now. I started with the Flash model then switched to the Shine.


Misfit trackers tracks your walks, runs, calories, sleep and other activies like swimming, basketball, cycling, tennis, soccer, dancing, and yoga. You can see your progress with their app (iOS and Android compatible)

It is great to see how much I walk during my photoshoots, whether it is on one of my adventures at a park or with my clients at their photo session or event.

I recently got their smartwatch Vapor. It is an awesome smartwatch. I can change the faces to be any one of theirs or use one of my photos. It tracks my steps and activities. I get notified of texts and incoming calls. I have their sport bands in 2 colors (so far). They have leather bands too. You can see me wearing the Vapor in some photos of myself on my Instragram posts or stories.

Misfit Vapor - 300x250

They have other models called: Phase, Shine 2, Ray and more. They all have various accessory options.

If you have any questions about them, feel free to email me or contact them as their customer service support is excellent.

M.Y. Misfit Customizer

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Art and Photography by Ana Garcia