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NFT have become very popular over the past year. I read a lot about them in order to understand what they were and how to produce them. There are several websites out where you can buy, trade and own them. Many have fees associated with either up front fees or after they are sold.

Minifigure Nature Photographer

I decided to make my own. I started with photographs then introduced my drawings and even made some videos. The videos are made of my photos or my drawings.

I signed up with several of the NFT websites but I like Mintable the best so far as I can list my NFTs gasless without fees up front. Mintable uses Ethereum or ETH cryptocurrency. It just recently added Immutable X to their NFT platform.

I am still selling my photographs as prints and not just digital NFT items. You can learn about my favorite kind of photography on my blog post.

Check out my Minifigure NFT that looks just like me as a Nature Photographer. I found this online one day and just had to buy it. It came with the camera and everything. So of course I had to take photos posing by the water.

Scroll down to see some of my favorite NFTs that I have created so far. You can see all of them on Mintable.

I started filming my drawings so I decided to turn them into a video NFT. Here is Headache Scribbles in Motion.

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Do you have any NFTs? What kind did you get? What style are you looking own?