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Tuesdays Together Miami had their first meeting June of 2015. It was just one month after the Rising Tide Society hosted its first set of meetups. I went to my first meeting in October of 2015. It was absolutely amazing. I found out about it because I saw 2 friends of mine, a photographer and a graphic designer, in a group photo together on Instagram and Facebook. After that, I joined and never looked back. 

Tuesdays Together Miami Rising Tide Society
Venue Host: Paint & Party Studio
Selfie Photo by: Kristy & Vic Photography

Venue Host: The Salvage Snob
Photography: Kristy & Vic Photography


“Every day the Honeybook | Rising Tide team are on a mission to empower the creative economy to rise together, doing what they love.” – Rising Tide Society + Honeybook 


Tuesdays Together Miami Rising Tide Society
Venue Host: Paint & Party Studio
Photography: Courtney Jones Photography


They host local meetups worldwide. Each group location is called Tuesdays Together + city name. You can find one near you on their map of TuesdaysTogether chapters site.


Tuesdays Together Miami meet once a month on a Tuesday. The main purpose is for local creative business owners to support and encourage one another. Each month there is a topic set by the leaders of Rising Tide that is discussed at the meetings. We talk about things related to starting and running a creative business. Some of the topics have been SEO, Pinterest, Protecting Your Business, Social Media, Workflow, Client Experience, Business Planning, Branding, and much more. We are provided a resource guide with tips and everyone chimes in with their knowledge and questions.


Tuesdays Together Miami Rising Tide Society
Venue Host: Unearthed Rentals
Photography: Erica Melissa


What we do: Community
a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

What we don’t do: Networking
interact with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career.


Backdrop: Boxxed Events
Beverages: Cortiella Photography
Bistro Lighting: Twilight Production
Desserts: Sweet Guilt by Angelica
Entertainment + Lighting: Gannon Events
Furniture Rentals: Rumbas Event Rentals + Artefactum Initiative
Props / Table Styling: Taylor Event & Floral Design
Signage: Love Life Invites
Jazz Piano Player: Nickolas Feijoo
Venue Host: Curtiss Mansion
Photography: Ana Garcia Photography


I try to attend each month but there has been occasions where I am unable to. For example, one time I was out of town visiting Charleston, SC. You can see photos from that trip on the Charleston South Carolina blog post. 


Our neighbor by chapter is the Tuesdays Together Fort Lauderdale. We have done a Tuesdays Together Miami + Fort Lauderdale joint quarterly meetings together. There was one in which we had the Rising Tide Co-Founder & Head of Community at Honeybook, Natalie Franke. It was absolutely amazing to meet her in person. She’s one of the reasons this community came about along with the co-founders that helped create it.


Ana Garcia and Natalie Franke Tuesdays Together Miami + Fort Lauderdale Quarterly RIsing Tide Society
Ana Garcia and Natalie Franke

My shirt reads: “A rising tide lifts all boats” – JFK
A motto of the Rising Tide Society


Tuesdays Together Miami + Fort Lauderdale Quarterly RIsing Tide Society
Venue & Bar: Penthouse at Riverside Wharf
Photography: Enuel Viera Photography
Speakers: Natalie Franke, Kristy & Vic Photography, Chef Paty, and Style Catering⠀⠀⠀
Floral Design: Rodri Studio and Maison Francis ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Furniture Rentals: Rumbas Event Rentals + Artefactum Initiative
Videography: Elite Media Concepts
DJ: Cat Shell ⠀⠀
Sweets and Sweets Table Design: Sweet Guilt by Angelica, The Starfish Cottage, Mojo Donuts, and Taylor Event & Floral Design
Photobooth: Dipp Photobooth
Catering Sponsors: The Charcutie and Elite Catering
Indoor Lighting: MPE Event Group ⠀⠀
Outdoor Bistro Lighting: Illumene
Signage & Calligraphy: Claudia Strenger
Gifts: The Lefty Writer, Ana Garcia Photography, Denice Lachapelle Photo and Claudia Strenger
Chapters: Rising Tide Society, Tuesdays Together Miami, and Tuesdays Together Fort Lauderdale


Tuesdays Together Miami Rising Tide Society
Venue Host: BizNest 
Photography: Ana Garcia Photography | Erica Melissa


Tuesdays Together Miami 
Only One Mark, Inc., Maria Cordova Photography, Dipp Photobooth, Halo Events, Erica Melissa, Ana Garcia Photography, Maureeen C. Weddings, Claudia Rios Photography, and Taylor Event & Floral Design.


After every single meeting, I leave feeling very inspired. Our community is just full of support and empowerment. I love it. 

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Feel free to contact me if you want to learn how you can join Tuesdays Together Miami or Tuesdays Together Fort Lauderdale.


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