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Peak Design Travel Line Backpack + Packing Tools Gear

Hi there. Today I’m going to talk about Peak Design‘s latest Kickstarter campaign: Peak Design Travel Line: Travel Backpack + Packing Line. It is a new 45 liter backpack that is perfect for traveling a day trip or even a week trip, depending on how you travel.

Peak Design Travel Line Backpack + Packing Tools Gear

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I haven’t seen in person or received mine yet so this is just my review on reading and watching all their videos about this new line. The photos shown are from Peak Design. However, I do own their other products like their EveryDay Backpack and Sling, Field Pouch, Capture Clip, and more. So from experience on their other products, I totally trust their product quality and design.

*Update October 18th, 2018

The kickstarter project ended but now you can pre-order here:

Travel Line Bags


Tech Pouch

Wash Pouch

Packing Cube

Camera Cube

Shoe Pouch

Rain Fly

Peak Design Travel Line Backpack + Packing Tools Gear

The Travel Line has the following products:

45L Backpack
Tech Pouch
Wash Pouch
Packing Cubes (small and medium sizes)
Camera Cubes (small, medium, large)
Shoe Pouch
Rain fly

On their campaign page, they have specs on each one. If you want to know more and see videos, they have that too plus on their YouTube channel.

Peak Design YouTube Channel

The Backpack will hold 3 small packing pouches or 3 small camera cubes. Or it can hold 1 small packing or camera plus 1 medium packing or camera. It can hold 1 large camera pouch.

The pouches go in the back of the bag for secure access. It is also the main panel of the bag. The front access has smaller organizational panel, which has lots of pockets and expanding volume zipper.

They really thought this bag out. There are clips to keep the camera pouches in the backpack from slipping if it was a small or medium o. the top. I really like that they added side access doors for the camera pouches so I don’t have to open the whole panel. The fact that the camera pouches can be used in various ways with those dividers really makes happy. It means I can carry all kinds of lenses and cameras.

I’m really excited for that tech pouch, too. I love carrying all kinds of techy gear with me so being able to have them organized in one spot is amazing. I saw in a video today that they added loops on the outside so I can add anchors to attach my sling.

Their videos really help show you all kinds of variations you can use this bag and pouches for what you need to travel with. I’ve watched all of them to learn more about this line, even after supporting the campaign. (They may even squeeze in some pro tips in them.)

Peak Design

Peak Design

There are 2 color options: black and sage. That sage looks really nice. Well black looks good too.

There are various ways of packing this bag up depending on where you are going, whether you need more clothes or camera gear, plus wash kit, tech pouch and more. This is what makes Peak Design stands out to me. The versatile ways you can use their bags. They might have more gear options towards photographers but their bags can be used without camera gear too, especially this backpack and their everyday line.

I can’t wait to get this new line so I can use it for traveling and even just for one of my photoshoots. I can even attach their sling to a camera cube and use that by itself.

If you have been wanting their Everyday 5L sling, they are releasing it in Sage on their kickstarter. That color is really nice and unique from just black.

Peak Design Travel Line Backpack + Packing Tools on Kickstarter

If you are interested in seeing their other products, visit their main website here:

Peak Design | Gear For Creative, Adventurous People | Peak Design

I wish I had this bag for my trip earlier this year to Charleston, South Carolina. It would have been perfect for my clothes and camera gear.