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Digital photos are taken every day. Those photos should be backing up on a regular basis online with an online storage cloud like Smugmug.

Years ago when I wanted to setup a website and have online storage for photos, I researched many options. I came across Smugmug online storage which offers it for photos and galleries, website design and online store. What made Smugmug stand out was the fact that it has unlimited and secure photo storage.

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I take a lot of photos for myself and others like family, friends, and clients. Each camera gets better, which then means the file sizes get larger with better quality. The fact that I can have unlimited space means I can upload everything and not have to worry about losing space or having to upgrade accounts or find a new online cloud.

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Smugmug online storage is safe, easy to use, and lasts forever.

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I created my website, online galleries, and photos storage with Smugmug and never looked back. I can customize themes, edit galleries, and more. They even have an app for easy upload.

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I can add as many photos as I want and separate each into various galleries that fit. I have different galleries for nature, landscape, waterscape, client photos which I can keep secure and private for them, models, flowers, architecture, events, sports, art, sky, moon, animals and much more. Within each category of galleries, I can create specific ones by type, date, etc. The possibilities are endless with Smugmug. I highly recommend them for your online cloud for backing up your photos that you don’t want to lose.

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