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Tuesdays Together is a gathering of creatives that was started by the Rising Tide Society. There are several chapters all over the US. We meet once a month on, you guessed it, Tuesdays. Each month has a topic set by the founder and team of leaders of the Rising Tide Society.

The group photo on the left side of the card shown below is by Erica Melissa.

I am part of the Miami chapter. Our leader Kristy, from the husband & wife photography team Kristy & Vic Photography, is an amazing person and friend. I wanted to get her and her husband Vic a thank you card for all that they do for our group.

I didn’t want a store bought card but a more personal and one-of-a-kind card. So I asked mt mom who makes handmade cards. I gave her the ideas and photos I wanted in the card and she cut them out and put it together.

I included 3 of our group photos in the card. 2 of them are from the Tuesdays Together and 1 is from the Your Story Workshop that Kristy, Maureen, Monique, and Erica put together.

The Your Story Workshop group photo shown in the front flap of the card is by Erica Melissa.

We all love donuts and coffee so I just had to implement that in the card. Before they even opened the card, Vic just happened to ask “Is there a donut in it?” I was smiling in my head because there was. So when they opened it, he was excited as there was the donut.

I love how the card came out that I just had to take photos of it, not only for my mom for her portfolio but for me to have memories of it.

Thanks a latte Kristy and Vic and all of you visiting and reading.