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Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery has a local artist show every year for the past 5 years called Square Show. It is named Square Show because, yes you guessed it right, all the art shown is a square. This was their 6th year.


This was the second one I entered. I entered one of my photographs of a flower. I made it a family show by getting my mom, sister and brother to enter work as well.

We are a family of creative artists and wanted us all to show work.


“Raindrop on Pink Flower” by Ana Garcia


“Pigwidgeon” by Laura


“Limitless” by Lourdes


“Pixel Awakening” by Gaby

The highlight of opening night was that “Limitless” sold within the first hour. We were all so happy that someone loved it so much, she had to have it before someone else bought it. Lourdes didn’t make it for that purpose to sell but was so happy that it touched someone’s heart. The buyer wanted to hang it in her office for her patients to see it and feel happy and hopeful.

The show is currently going on until May 7th.


Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery inside / upstairs at Tate’s Comics.

4566 N. University Drive, Lauderhill, FL 33351

Hours: Monday through Saturday 11am-9pm; Sunday 11am-6pm